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WDKN 1260 AM Country Gospel Talk Radio UPDATE:A Nixle alert at 10:27 am Tuesday reported that the phone lines at Dickson City Hall are back in service.

A lightning strike has left Dickson City Hall without telephone service since Monday morning. The outage was originally reported in a Nixle alert shortly before 10 am Monday and the city's carrier and local phone reps have been working to restore service. City Recorder and mayor's secretary Dianne Shelton reports AT&T, Windstream and Hiscall have been trying to trace the problem and restore service but as of 9 am Monday morning no calls could go in or out at city hall. The Dickson Central Communications Center also lost service for its non-emergency phone lines temporarily Monday. But 911 service was not interrupted. The administrative phone lines were restored in a little over an hour. Shelton said Dickson City Hall can still be reached by email, with contact information available on the city's website at cityofdickson.com. Calls to any number at Dickson City Hall are greeted with a recording saying there is “network difficulties.” Shelton said city officials hope to have service restored as soon as possible and a Nixle notice will be sent out when that happens. Meanwhile, City Hall remains open for its regular operating hours.
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WDKN 1260 AM Country Gospel Talk Radio With almost 1,000 early ballots cast in the last three days, early voting for the Aug. 7 primary has pulled slightly ahead of the pace from four years ago. Early voting saw 176 ballots cast on Monday at the Dickson County Election Office in Charlotte. That pushed the overall total for early votes, nursing home votes and absentee votes so far to 2,966, which is up 6.8 percent from the same point in early voting four years ago when all of the same county and state offices were on the ballot. State election officials continue to urge Tennessee voters to take advantage of early voting before it ends Saturday because of the long ballot. The 2014 ballot includes not only all the same primaries and local races as four years ago, but adds the judicial races for the county and district as well as 23 judicial retention votes, making the time in the voting booth even longer. The early voting trend continues with 57 percent of those voting early choosing the Republican Primary, 35 percent choosing the Democratic Primary and 8 percent choosing to vote only in the county general election. Early voting continues today 8 am-4 pm at the Dickson County Election Office in Charlotte. The final day of extended voting hours will be tomorrow with polling locations open 8 am-7 pm in Charlotte, at Restoration Church in Dickson and at White Bluff Town Hall. Early voting ends Saturday.07.29.2014 at 09:39 amLike
WDKN 1260 AM Country Gospel Talk Radio The Dickson County School Board amended its new budget last week to pick up the cost of a school resource officer at Dickson Middle School. School officials said the change means the school system is now funding SROs at two schools, using a grant for a third and the city of Dickson is funding one officer. For the last few years, the Dickson Police Department has fully funded SROs at Dickson County High School and Dickson Middle School, the county's two largest schools. But in a last-minute change to the city's new budget, the Dickson City Council approved pulling the funding for the SRO at Dickson Middle to use that money to cover the city's share of the local cost of establishing a commuter bus service to downtown Nashville. Director of Schools Dr. Danny Weeks said the school system was notified by the city of its intention to withdraw funding for one SRO after the school board had already approved its budget and sent it to the county commission. At Thursday night's meeting, the board unanimously approved an amendment to its new budget to reallocate $43,077.25 from its line item for teachers to the school resource officer fund. That amount will cover the salary and benefits of a Dickson Police Department officer for 185 days, to be in DMS for 180 days plus five days of training. The remainder of the officer's salary and benefits will be funded by the police department. Weeks said he believes it is important to keep a full-time SRO in the county's 1,200-student middle school. Director of Student Services Steve Sorrells said the change means the school system is now paying the salaries and benefits of school resource officers at Dickson Middle and Creek Wood High schools while a grant funds an SRO that splits time with New Directions Academy, Charlotte Middle School and is available to Dickson County Juvenile Court. The city of Dickson continues to fully fund an SRO at Dickson County High School. School officials have previously said the White Bluff Police Department makes an officer available to William James Middle School, but does not provide a full-time SRO.07.29.2014 at 09:39 amLike
WDKN 1260 AM Country Gospel Talk Radio The Renaissance Center will celebrate its 15th anniversary with demonstrations, performances and the re-opening of the CyberSphere Digital Theater on Saturday. Now owned by Freed-Hardeman University, The Renaissance Center continues to offer many of the community-based art, music and theater programs that made it a regional cultural center for the last 15 years. While Freed-Hardeman will be launching its first semester of degree programs next month along with Nashville State Community College, officials at The Renaissance Center say they want the public to know that many of the community programs they have enjoyed since 1999 will continue. Director of Events LeAnn Polk and Community Engagement Coordinator Anna Flowers announced on Friday's Power Lunch program a schedule of free activities for Saturday's 15th anniversary celebration that will highlight the art, music and theater programs as well as the first planetarium and laser shows in the CyberSphere since FHU took over the center in November. Saturday's activities will be 11 am-3 pm with free parking and free admission. Free shows in the CyberSphere will be presented at 11 am, 12 pm, 1 pm and 2 pm. The Renaissance Players, the community theater group born at the center, will present skits in the Performance Hall at 11:30, 12:30, 1:30 and 2:30 and will be promoting their upcoming productions of “The Fantasticks” in October and “Irving Berlin's White Christmas” in December. Local actor Greg Frey, who has appeared in numerous community and professional productions at the center, will be bringing back shows in the Gaslight Dinner Theatre with scheduled productions of “Ripe Conditions” in October and “Three Men and a Christmas Tree” for the holidays. At Saturday's celebration, a local music group composed of Laura Irene Littleton, Riley Dotson, Wes Bowker and Billy Duke Littleton will be performing throughout the day. Many of the center's art and music teachers will be on hand with information about classes for the fall semester. Vendors selling food at the celebration will include Ronnie's Q, Snow Biz, Sweet CeCe's and a bake sale by the FHU Associates. The Tennessee Artisan Market will feature artist demonstrations and many items will be 30 percent off during the anniversary and there will be several drawings for prizes. For more information on Saturday's 15th anniversary celebration at The Renaissance Center on Highway 46, visit fhu.edu/rcenter or call (615) 740-5600.07.29.2014 at 09:39 amLike
WDKN 1260 AM Country Gospel Talk Radio The agriculture education program at Dickson County High School could soon step it up a level with the addition of hydroponic and aquaponic facilities at its greenhouse. Jason Wallace, ag instructor and adviser for the DCHS Chapter of the Future Farmers of America, presented the Dickson County School Board last week with a proposal for a 24X24-foot addition to the existing greenhouse that will allow the program to add a fish tank and beds for raising produce without soil. “It's going to house a thousand-gallon fish tank plus some hydroponic beds so that we can raise vegetables hydroponically. We just don't have the room for it in our original greenhouse,” Wallace said. Wallace presented the board with a proposed budget of $5,830.42 for the addition, with an anticipated donation of $5,000 from Farm Credit Services, meaning the FFA program will cover the remaining $830 and much of the work on the project is being donated or performed by students. Wallace said it is important to separate any produce that is raised from bedding plants in the greenhouse because of diseases and pests. For the project, Wallace has located a used 24X24 greenhouse frame from the McEwen FFA program and has gotten pledges of assistance for construction from electricians, the Greater Dickson Gas Authority and others to help reduce costs. Wallace said the expansion will include about 30 sites to grow hydroponic tomatoes or lettuce, about 30 strawberry bed sites and a 1,000-gallon tank in which the program can raise about 200 pounds of koi or catfish each year. Wallace said no decision has been made on what to do with the produce and fish that are raised. “There may be a market to sell some of these fish as kind of a fund-raiser. But that's not what I'm looking for. I'm looking for the purely scientific knowledge that will be gained. The end product I'm not so worried about. We'll cook 'em up and feed everybody if we need to,” Wallace said. Board member Rick Chandler said far too often the emphasis in education on preparing for college and meeting achievement goals means practical programs such as agriculture and building trades get overlooked as he made the motion to authorize the greenhouse expansion, which was unanimously approved by the board.07.29.2014 at 09:37 amLike
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