DICKSON COUNTY, TN – September 28, 2023 –

The Carden International Circus is set to captivate audiences at the Dickson County Fairgrounds (1053 Highway 47, Dickson, TN) with its thrilling three-ring spectacular. This year, the event comes with an extra dash of excitement as it’s absolutely FREE for Dickson’s residents, thanks to the generous sponsorship of Joel’s Body Shop, a locally owned and operated business.

Horace Perkins, the manager of Joel’s Body Shop, and a Dickson City Councilman, shared his motivation for sponsoring the circus, saying, “I’ve been a long-time Shriner in the area, and this is a small way for me to give back to the community. I know the Carden brand, and I know it’s a quality production, so this is my opportunity to say thank you to Dickson.”

For over six decades, the Carden family has been dazzling audiences with the sheer thrill that only a genuine three-ring circus can provide. The Spectacular Circus boasts a diverse array of talent from around the world, including performers from Africa, Mongolia, Brazil, Mexico, Russia, and the United States. Among the acts are acrobats, aerialists, daredevils, clowns, and more, each a master of their craft, defying gravity, performing jaw-dropping stunts, crafting side-splitting humor, and showcasing breathtaking aerial artistry.

At the heart of the Shrine Circus is Ringmaster “Lucky” Malatsi, leading a diverse ensemble of performers. The all-new production features hair-hanging aerial dancers, awe-inspiring foot juggling feats, a motorcycle expertly balanced on a high-wire, and nine contortionists displaying incredible flexibility. Of course, the Carden herd of Asian elephants, beloved by audiences, will take center stage, demonstrating their grace, intelligence, and strength, guided by animal trainer and presenter, Florin Moraru. This and much more await families in Dickson and the surrounding communities!

The Preshow Festivities kick off one hour before showtime, offering opportunities for audience members to meet the performers, enjoy animal rides, engage in interactive fun, and more!

Show Schedule at Dickson County Fairgrounds:

  • Tuesday, October 10: 4:30 pm & 7:30 pm – FREE
  • Wednesday, October 11: 4:30 pm & 7:30 pm – FREE
  • Thursday, October 12: 4:30 pm & 7:30 pm – FREE

Don’t miss this thrilling, family-friendly event that promises to be a highlight of the season. The Carden International Circus Presents the Shrine Circus, made possible by Joel’s Body Shop, is a fantastic opportunity for Dickson’s residents to enjoy world-class entertainment at no cost. Mark your calendars for an unforgettable experience!