By Breanna Franklin

DICKSON Tenn. — In a world where knowledge is power and education is the cornerstone of progress, it’s only fitting that we take a moment to honor and appreciate those who dedicate their lives to shaping the minds of tomorrow. Wendi Work is one of three teachers who were the district award winners for teacher appreciation. 

At William James Middle School Wendi Work is an art teacher with five years of experience teaching. Having embarked on her teaching career later in life, Work discovered a passion for guiding students through dynamic art projects that spark creativity and enjoyment. When asked about her motivation for teaching, she emphasized the profound satisfaction derived from witnessing his students’ growth. Distinguishing herself from peers, Wendi Work brings a diverse background to the classroom, transitioning from a political science career to fine arts instruction. Despite this unconventional shift, she remains deeply committed to fostering meaningful connections with her students, believing that personal engagement enhances the learning experience. Work offers a valuable piece of advice to fellow educators: prioritize building relationships with students. Recognizing the transformative impact of such connections, she underscores the importance of meeting students on a personal level to facilitate better understanding and collaboration in the classroom.

Breanna Franklin is originally from Orlando, Florida, and lives in Clarksville, Tennessee where she currently attends Austin Peay State University. There she studies Communications Broadcast Media where she is also a part of APSU TV.