The Bright Spot is a delightful and heartwarming daily feature that takes place during the 7:00 am hour, hosted by Freeman. This special segment aims to share a positive and uplifting story that serves as a beacon of light to brighten everyone’s day. The main objective is to leave the listeners with a smile on their faces and warm fuzzies in their hearts as they begin their day. The stories featured during this segment are carefully selected to inspire hope and spread joy.

Our Bright Spot producers encourage local listeners to actively participate by submitting their own heartwarming and uplifting stories through the website, fostering a sense of community and shared positivity. By doing so, the Bright Spot becomes a platform not only for sharing inspiring tales but also for connecting people through the simple act of kindness and optimism.

Submit your bright spot story below. We'll share it with our listeners and hopefully brighten someone else's day!

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